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Going in for my second interview with the DIIG tomorrow at nine. This time it's with the head of the group, so I suspect I'll have a solid answer when it's over. With any luck said answer will be a job.

I've been working on the data processing for my thesis. I'm doing newspaper articles for 2005 and after a few days work am through March. Would have liked to get more done today, but I spent some time prepping for the interview.

This weekend I was at Acen. The programming was pretty lame and registration ran out of badge holders. There's talk of doing the next annual #besm gathering elsewhere and I'm all for it. As a person who actually still enjoys con programming, I get much more bang for my buck at Otakon.

Seeing the #besm crew was fun as always. Shame it's typically only once a year. Also hit Chicago and saw Shawn, in what's now an annual ritual. We hung out in the rather hit Damen neighborhood and had a typical discussion of politics and European board games. Also had a rather spiffy frozen tea drink. It had guava, which I increasingly realize I really like.
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