greg (grysar) wrote,

Various bits of news and a new 320 gig hard drive for the low, low, price of $85 (plus shipping)

First the hard drive. I bought the well reviewed Seagate Barracuda 7200 but made a critical mistake. Namely, the damn thing doesn't use IDE cables and instead uses SATA, whatever that is. That's what I get for not staying up-to-date on hardware.[Note: Cable not included. They just sent me the HD in a static safe bag.]

Anyhow, there's a 15% restocking fee, so if anyone contacts me to buy it by midnight Thursday, I'll take the amount of money I'd get for returning it. Figure someone I like may as well benefit from my mistake.

Otherwise, works been busy although not as hellish as in prior weeks. Stayed until 8:30 pm or so on Monday. Today just 6. I expect a few more late this Thursday and Friday, but then we'll have our deliverable out.

I'm satisfied with the product and enjoyed much of the research. However, the parts I produced aren't a substantial contribution to human understanding. Hopefully I'll manage to do some of that in this next year. I'm also hoping to spend a couple of weeks in China. Given the time I've already put into studying it, it's well past time I visited. We'll see if I can tie that in to work somehow.

I'm considering my apartment options. Silver Spring's Twin Towers has a nice price although it got some bad reviews My next choice, Silver Spring Towers, doesn't have any reviews up. I went back and checked Yorkshire Apartments, which I was quite satisfied with, and they had 66% recommended. Huh. Well, I'll check the place out.
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