greg (grysar) wrote,

3.96 repeating

Got my grades in from last quarter. Got an A- in Chinese, no grade yet from the independent study where I'm guaranteed an A given the feedback I got, and the rest were all As. (In fairness, note that grad school grades tend to be somewhat inflated. Moreover, I didn't do any work or TAing that quarter.)

Also have a chance to apply to a conference for a paper I did in Political Economy of Globalization. I'll be giving that paper a proper finish next quarter, but for now should be able to make an interesting abstract. It's a conference aimed at grad students so I think I have a decent chance of getting in and presenting.

After doing the abstract I will be applying for a scholarship. I need to write a cover letter for that, which should be interesting and incredibly self-aggrandizing. We'll see how that goes, if I don't get it, expect me to be a cheap bastard for the next few years. ;P

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