greg (grysar) wrote,

Cunning Linguist?

Today I took my French proficiency exam. I need to pass it some foreign language to graduate. The only trouble is, I am proficient only in English. According to some, even that is questionable.

I took four years of French in middle and high school. As is often the case, I largely coasted through the latter classes. Fortunately, this test is a bit of a joke. 15 points of multiple choice and three passages to translate from French to English for 5 points each. The multiple choice only had three answers each, so I expect I aced that. The three passages (about three paragraphs each) were the tougher part. However, we get to bring a dictionary and a verb tense book, so the problem is mainly the 2.5 hour time limit. I ignored congegation (as French has approximatly 2.3 million tenses) and instead used my books to figure out which each word meant. I then made my best shot at piecing together each sentence from context, subject knowledge, and common sense. Unfortunately, while the passages were all social sciences, only one of them was international relations related. Fortunately, the other two involved technical terms. This seemed to make translation easier as they're similar to the terms in English.

I'll find out within three weeks if my clever test taking skills are good enough to outweigh my poor mastery of the language. Fortunately the turn around time is fast for French, so I may well know sooner than that. If I fail I can try again close to the end of the quarter.

Will the grader give Greg the 21 points (70%) he needs to pass his test.

Yes, Greg's cunning is sufficient to overcome his failings in foreign language skill.
No, he really should have worked much harder to bring his language skills up to some minimal standard.
No, regardless of his skills, his handwriting will lose him the points he needed to pass.
Yes, because I will take steps to 'convince' the grade to pass Greg.
Le chien.

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