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Concerts, interview, and assorted life details

I had a job interview for a group within the International Security Program at CSIS. For those of you who don't remember, CSIS was where I did my internship and an all-around great place to work. The only problem is that I'll have a tie and jacket every day, but that goes with the field really. The interview went well but they're waiting on a contract so I won't know for 2-4 weeks.

Last night I went to a Lifehouse concert with Kate. Pretty good, although with rock music I tend to have a hard time making out the lyrics at live concerts. The exception being songs I already know. In this category, they did a great version of "Hanging by a Moment." On the one hand, I find the whole clap and get an encore to be rather contrived. They actually had the two songs for after the 'end' on the set list. On the other hand, it works to get both the crowd and the musicians pumped. The two encore songs were among the best of the show so who cares that the process is contrived I suppose. Also makes me remember a Ben Folds Five show I saw back with lilinthra, That show had a second encore after we cheered for like five to ten minutes, it was great.

Thesis work is coming along, but slowly. I expect to have this phase done at the end of the week, although I've said that before.

Lazertag with amalthya and the gang was two weeks ago and much fun. I really need to post more often, but at least this entry is a start.

Reading: Just finished House of Chains by Steven Erikson. Epic fiction, quite enjoyable but overly complex. This one wasn't as good as some of the prior books, but still had a strong end. Mostly made my way through a book of collected essays by Orwell that I got for my birthday. I've really been loving them. For the moment, Orwell is my favorite non-fiction writer.

Playing: I knocked off a fair number of games during college. Got good scores in most all the Katamari Damacy levels, beat Metal Gear Solid 2, beat Final Fantasies 4, 9, and tactics advance. I'm weighing fighting the big monster in 9 or just returning it to Kate. I actually totally beat 4 going through all the after ending dungeons, think that's the first time I've done that on a console game. Currently playing we love katamari, although I may soon be finished with it for a bit and switch over to Final Fantasy Tactics. I think I won't make that switchover until this phase thesis is done though.
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