greg (grysar) wrote,


Visited CSIS again today to attend GSI's second anniversary bash. It was a good event and Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad Allen, who was a key cavalry official sent to New Orleans, gave a great presentation.

Talked to the old crew and the new interns. I'm getting much more comfortable with networking, at least with people of a similar age. And I have business cards which are too much fun. Increasingly I'm actually restrained by knowing I should do more background research on organizations before making a contact. Which is probably a good policy and beats the heck out of being restrained by shyness.

Also did a RP meme post that's friends-locked. Does anyone know any solid standards on what's wise to post online when trying to keep up a somewhat professional image online? I'm not going to censor myself politically, but otherwise I don't know what's wise to put up.

Also I see I've picked up a few new friends that I'm not sure I actually know in person. Feel free to drop a comment and introduce yourselves. Or just lurk, that's cool and feeds my ego. ^_^
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