greg (grysar) wrote,


When I put together my room my priorities were speed and organizations. I've met them. I'm now trying to think of ways to add class. This won't be easy, I'm in a fairly stereotypical college room (albeit spacious and a single) I'll see if I can get a digital camera to take a picture or two to better show this. I have shelving galore which has helped both cleanliness and organization, though often not at the same time. Outside of class and more of a soul the other thing this room needs is more seating place, at present it just has my chair and my bed, my desk is possible though my dresser is far too overcrowded to remain a viable seating area.

I like having the option to concentrate on making this room mine and show a sense of style. My room last year was great but this is my first college single. I'm thinking some plants would help but other than gradually removing some artifacts and replacing others I don't have any ideas.


Fanciful ideas are welcome, though those that are practically achievable have a greater chance of being implemented.
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