greg (grysar) wrote,

First week of work and the never ending thesis

I finally got an assignment Friday. It involved finding and comparing various factoids between present day and 1960 and present day. The present ones were easy to find, but the historical records aren't yet online and will require historical researchers. Difficult but satisfying work.

I will apparently be getting my first paycheck Thursday. Whoo! Bizarrely for accounting purposes I'm a highly stipend intern rather than a salaried employee with no benefits. Apparently I would have been a contractor, but there's been an IRS crackdown on calling too many employees contractors of late. This amuses me and is nothing I need to reflect on my resume. My official position is Research Associate.

I'm finally finishing my bloody thesis. I've got about 13,800 words of notes left to convert to prose in addition to as many statistical tests as I have time to run. I'm making backups like crazy and feel confident that I will send a finished product out this Monday. Here's hoping my advisor takes it.

The thesis won't really be good in any sense of the term. The research is solid and substantial, but it's way too long because of its broad scope. This annoys me, because it means I can't take great pride in my work. On the other hand, I should be able to consolidate it to a good article, so that makes me happy. Regardless, any real improvements will probably be made after I get my Master's degree.

The big question is really how much time to I get to spend enjoying myself on Monday. I'll definitely be hitting reene's BBQ, and should be able to stay a bit longer than a half hour.

I am definitely looking forward to being able to come home from work without immediately proceeding to my thesis afterwards.
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