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My Thesis grade finally got posted. I got an A, which is generous considering the bloated behemoth I turned in. Total GPA: 3.95 with not a single grade below an A-. While we don't have official class ranks, my advisor tells me I can put on my resume that I graduated in the top 5%. I haven't pulled off anything near that good since middle school. The absence of college programming classes certainly helps.

Interestingly, full-time work has actually been less hard work. Now mind you my time is substantially more limited, but on the whole I'm more relaxed. A certain amount of regimentation does make it easier for me to get work done and then be able to enjoy my free time sans guilt. We'll see what happens when I hit crunch periods at the job.

I officially graduate this Friday and will have earned my International Studies degree. I won't actually be there since graduation is in Denver and I will be on way to Cape Cod instead.

There is one thing I will definitely miss after graduation: access to lots of free excellent databases from any internet connected computer. I can always drive over to use Maryland's, but that's kind of a pain. At least I have access to a many of them at CSIS.
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