greg (grysar) wrote,

Since my last post I've seen Nacho Libre, Pirates 2, and Superman.

Nacho was fun. I was surprised to discover that it was a Nickelodeon production. It managed fairly well considering it had to work well for kids. On consulting with Kate and her brother, I'm of the view that it held together as a story better than Napoleon Dynamite but wasn't quite as funny. Still enjoyable as a whole though. I should really check out Jack Black's music.

Superman was very iconic. On the whole, an enjoyable movie. Kate had asked if Luthor was normally that insane, I said it varied but he often was. We both prefer a saner Lex, he's just more interesting that way. I liked Kevin Spacey's acting and over-the-top is fine, but I'd prefer a less silly plot. I did like the handling of Lois' husband and son. They managed to both fit with the iconic approach while at the same time respect that us normals can sometimes accomplish things. Although, I will note that Lois hasn't developed any survival instincts.

Pirates 2 was my favorite of this recent bunch. Assuming the third movie is good, I'll likely buy the trilogy. It shares a trait with my beloved caper flicks: protagonists with competing motivations. It was a bit long but unlike King Kong, it didn't have unnecessary characters or action scenes that could be cut entirely without impacting the plot. Instead, like some critics, I think some of the action scenes should have been replaced with shorter talky scenes or the like. Also, the movie was a bit light on re-establishing characters and explaining motivations. I was able to follow it just fine, but it's okay to explain things a bit more to the audience.

Two of the trailers effectively sold me on movies I might otherwise have missed. My Super Ex-Girlfriend looks terrific and they did a good job of playing it straight for the first third or so of the trailer. I'm also fairly excited by the Will Ferrell race car driver movie. Generally, I'll confess to looking down on many of the SNL veteran movies. I like Blues Brothers, but most tend to be a bit dumb for my taste. This one didn't seem particularly intelligent, but I found the trailer hilarious.
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