greg (grysar) wrote,

Went to a ball game with Kate on Saturday. The Os actually won 8-1. Don't see that every day. Two good plays, an outfielder got the ball to first in time to get out a base runner that was taking a lead. Second, a former Oriole, Jerry Hairston, managed to take away a home run with a good reach into the stand.

On Friday, I went to the CSIS picnic. I managed to do some networking which may help future China work.

Now I'm watching Venture Brothers and don't feel like writing more.

Progress on SC is slow, but moving:

Patsy reveals resistance status to Rollo
Patsy goes about his day and gives exposition about teleporter
Patsy gets knocked out by Reisen
Reisen reveals his plan
Reisen kills patsy

crystal warriors sneak through farm, sees resistance sign
exposition about wintergreen baleful aura
crystal warriors encounter resistance and find next objective
reisen and rollo
rollo and krackal
resistance – wintergreen’s world
crystal warriors see sketchy side of resistance
communication with rollo
crystal warriors sneak to fortress
rollo steals crystal
rollo goes to drop it off herself
Crystal warriors reach objective
Rollo sends crystal
Rollo gets caught
Rollo questioned
Reisen leaves to “find” traitor
Krackel arrives
Rollo mortally wounded and frozen
Krackel fight
Krackel castigated
Reisen covers his tracks
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