greg (grysar) wrote,

So, everyone remember that TNG episode where the universal translator didn't work because an Alien race spoke entirely in metaphors and references to story. They kidnapped Picard and sent him down to a planet where he could have an adventure with their captain and put it together.

That race raises the question, how did they tell the stories in the first place? Maybe their in some sort of racial memory or what have. I mean the metaphor doesn't seem that implausible, I'm sure we could find people who speak almost exclusively in pop/geek culture references. But you still need a way to transmit the original source material.

Anyways, know what would make a substantially less touching story? A race that spoke entirely in buzzwords, jargon, and cliches. It would also be more plausible, they would have once been capable of generating new thoughts via language, but lost the ability after one too many conferences.
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