greg (grysar) wrote,

Clerks 2

Saw it last night. Liked it. I really like Smith's characterization and dialog. Also his movies manage to be fairly sweet even though they're incredibly vulgar. I was also particularly pleased with what Silent Bob said.

Silent Bob's "I got nothing" was great. That's excellent writing. In the past, Smith's used Bob as his voice of reason by having him speak very rarely. That works rather well, but it does get a bit old. This time he didn't actually have anything useful to say and the characters had to work it out for themselves. Good show.

My one critique is, was the pregnancy really necessary? It only felt sort-of dealt with. It also really forced Dante's hand in a weigh that undermines the importance of him making a choice. Also, I didn't really get a feel for what was up with Becky going to the women's center. Was she considering abortion or something? It never got discussed. Dante asked where she went, but she never answered. I think there might have been some cut scenes relating to it. Finally, the pregnancy makes Dante's chewing out of Randal fairly nonsensical. It was Dante's affair, not the donkey bit, that really screwed up the Florida plan.

I actually had initially thought that the affair had been before Dante got engaged. Anyone else have that interpretation initially?
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