greg (grysar) wrote,

Is there a hidden downside to a food that is eaten at every campfire? News at 11

So, while I'm waiting for the BLS statistics request site to work again, I read an interesting attack in Slate on S'mores, the classical campfire dessert.
Specifying my real objections—the bland, brittle dust of the cracker, the sticky cloyingness of the marshmallow, and the way the chocolate always falls into the sand as you take your first bite—would have seemed peevish.

I've never really thought about it, but I'm afraid I've got to agree. I hope this won't result in my losing my Eagle scout status. S'mores are simple and great fun to make, but they aren't really all that tasty. I'm not a big fan of the classical hershey bar to begin with. Graham crackers are fine, but I prefer them dunked in milk, they do induce thirst alone. I've got no objections to marshmallows, and roasting them is definitely the most fun part of the enterprise.

However, the final combined product makes for a low quality snack. Most normal candy bars are better, let alone the treats one can buy at restaurant.

This leads to the question, is there a better alternative? To be good it must have the following components:

  1. Marshmallow roasting, or something equivalently fun.

  2. Simple ingredients that don't need to be refridgerated.

  3. Easy assembly.

Any ideas?
::Gets back to work now that BLS is cooperating::
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