greg (grysar) wrote,


I think at this point, busy is my default state and I just need to plan around it.

Recent stuff: Play was fun. Although the real bang for the buck really comes from the remixes of older video tunes. Hearing the new ones is spiffy to be sure, but modern game music is already symphonic. So while I love, say, "One Winged Angel," the I wasn't that wowed by the performance. This isn't to say that hearing it live and communal isn't cool by any means.

Although oddly I did particularly enjoy the chant song from FF8 (I'm forgetting the name and don't feel like looking it up). Maybe that one gets replayed less, maybe it was because it wasn't the finale, who knows. Similarly, my favorite was probably the MGS medley. Although that was a mix of songs and not just a single favorite. Who knows, I'm not sure my preferences are at all internally consistent.

Also, the music from new games (Prey and Blue Dragon) wasn't bad but wasn't really memorable.

Still working at SC, will post progress this Sunday.

Going to a Wedding reception for a wedding that took place already down in Florida. It's a family thing and parents won't be there. First non-parental random family event I've got to with kamalloy. I don't know whether I should hope that it isn't boring or that wacky antics do not ensue. :P
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