greg (grysar) wrote,

Up for air

It's been a long few weeks.

I've now gone from being a contractor to having a real job, I officially make the switch October 2nd. I'd normally be a lot more jubilant, but I've been working until 7-9 pm at the office of late. After that, I've gone home to do more work of an evening or over the weekend. The upside is that there's a of freedom during the long slower periods prior to our contracts coming due. Nonetheless, I'd prefer my stress a bit more spread out. Fortunately, I recharge quickly. If I didn't, I'd be looking for another job right now. Also, the people I'm working with are great and quite intelligent, so it is satisfying work.

In other news, I've finally mentally moved the President from the dumbass to the evil category. In the past, he'd left speeches arguing for torture as official U.S. policy to the Vice President. He's now crossed that Rubicon in making the argument directly to Congress. To be clear, he doesn't call it that, but euphemism just makes him a coward. Also to be clear, most of the techniques he's advocating for are cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment, not out right torture. However, water boarding crosses that line. Moreover, cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment has caused the deaths of prisoners in U.S. custody. If you're curious about the specific techniques used and what laws they do or do not violate, I recommend Slate's guide to torture. I found the taxonomy of torture section particularly helpful.

Anyways, I was particularly amused by the subtitle of the current Washington Post article on the matter: "Bush Threatens to Halt CIA Program if Congress Passes Rival Proposal." Awesome! Are there any other rival proposals that can make him stop sucking in other ways?

I was fairly disappointed that longs hours at precluded me from electioneering or the like this primary day. I voted of course, even got up early to do it because I expected to be in late. A good chunk of my candidates won, but not the lower profile ones. The only high profile loss was Steve Silverman for County Executive. I didn't like some of the ads he'd run, although I did still vote for him. If we manage to replace the current governor, we might just get some real movement on the Purple line. Not surprisingly, I'm salivating at the prospect of a Democratic House. Aside from all the other benefits, I think subpoena power will rock. Time to put an end to Presidential euphemisms.

And, in one last bit of news, I'm now looking for an apartment. My main condition is that it must be in walking distance of the Metro. I'll probably not go for D.C., though I'd consider it. Virginia is right out though. Could use a roommate, but sadly I think I really missed the boat on my college cohort. ^_~ I'm not feeling like trying for a random one though. I make enough money to afford a single or living with someone I know. Suggestions on apartments or other options are welcome but not expected.
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