greg (grysar) wrote,

In other news

I've now managed to beat the Kingdom Hearts 1 Hades cup time trial. That was actually pretty fun. I slammed through the rock titan in less than a minute and had 26 seconds left. All that's left to beat is Sephiroth, although I think I'll get the uber-keyblade before trying him again. I can get him down to where he's throwing sin-eater, but I haven't managed to deal with it yet.

Read through Thud by Terry Pratchett and enjoyed it. Not my favorite of the Vimes books, but a worthy and nicely topical addition. I'm pretty much up to date on his books, aside from the Wee Free Men stuff. I'll probably get through them eventually, but I'm not a huge fan of reading heavy accents.

I've now started on Hyperion, which Coby recommended. Fairly freaky sci-fi that book. I'm enjoying it so far, but am not far enough to provide much commentary.

Work is mixed. I've been working reasonable hours again, thank goodness, although I'm just not sure how to get one item I'm tasked to find. Namely, a recent estimate of how many total lines of codes are in Defense Department software. I've found a '94-'95 estimate and a good '03-'04 estimate on Navy Aviation, but nothing overall and recent. In a pinch I may try to combine those two to make my own estimate. My other tasks have been manageable. I'm definitely learning a good bit about economic data and feel increasingly confident in picking long-term trends as one of my areas of focus.

No real progress on the apartment search yet, I'll try to do more of that this weekend.
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