greg (grysar) wrote,


I give nothing but contempt for those who did this
I offer them no fear and no hatred,
My habits will not change, we shall improve out methods but I offer none of my liberties
If they strike me down, I die defiant
Justice will come, but my sense of justice has not changed
A new coalition will emerge, but it is one I've always supported
Those who did this evil are still human, as such they have there rights of all humans
And I hope for their redemption and those who are similarly overwhelmed by hatred
For those not guilty soon to be enveloped, I offer my sorrow
and hope that they will have the courage and wisdom to help overthrow the wisdom that surrounds them
and that we have the wisdom to do them as little harm as possible
the mainstay of my emotion I reserve for the victims,
and the sacrificed heroes be they fire fighters, police, extraordinary civilians, or those who fought against the hijackers
but my emotions are the same as all Americans lucky enough to not be immediately touched by the terror
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