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I moved into my new apartment a week ago Saturday. I'm quite pleased with it, although between ERP, Kate's, New Orleans, and Thanksgiving I still have only sorta settled in. I'm currently trying to organize my papers and books and start to cull papers, books, and knick-knacks that I don't really want.

My trip to New Orleans was great, I'll give more details when my parents get back. They'll be a slide show on Flickr.

However, I've made some expensive screw ups of late. I rear-ended someone on 95, albiet at 5 mph or less. Stupid stop and go traffic. But it was a BMW and two small holes and a dent in the bumber are apparently running ~$900. So I had to call in my insurance. Even more stupidly, I cut my plane trip to New Orleans too close and ended up having to choose between getting to Beloxi Missippi on Friday or not going out until Saturday. I went with Beloxi and, since one way car rentals were unavailable and there were no evening buses, ended up doing a taxi to New Orleans for a couple of hundred bucks. Brilliant really. That and I got sold in to buying a street musicians CD when I just intended to make a small donation, and the CD sucked! Oddly enough, the $20 CD is pissing me off the most. So, harking back to previous LJ entries, I think these examples go to show my wisdom score is not so great. That and I'm going to be going for labor intensive Christmas presents.

News stories of note:

  • X-ray scans of the Antikythera Mechanism have shown the ~150-100 BCE shipwrecked item to be a surprisingly complex astronomical instrument. Apparently the technology wasn't replicated for a millenium. So is this equivalent to an astrolab or am I confusing my technology?

  • British Airways assumes men are sex offenders and won't seat them near unrelated children. Note the source is Salon's feminist section. Most articles are focused on issues that primarily concern women, but they're happy to gripe about crazy sexism against men too.

Recent media:

  • New Bond: Squee! It was frigging awesome. Daniel Craig was an inspired choice and the return to the series roots was an excellent call. The challenge will be the next movie. Casino Royale, as far as I know, was the last of the Fleming novels hadn't been an official Bond movie. I haven't read it, but it seems like it was great source material. They won't have a simple source for good writing next time. I'll be interested to see what they do next.
  • Crest of the Stars novel: Enjoyable but overly colloquial. That may well be the fault of the translation. I sometimes enjoy reading material aimed at younger audiences, but I prefer that it not be too 'awesome.' Still I'll probably read the other novels. I'm tempted to do some political science literary criticism on the Ahb empire, but that can wait.
  • Andrew Sullivan's The Conservative Soul, how we lost it and what we can do to get it back. Enjoyed it, although I think the first half was stronger than the tail. He does some neat theoretical work and once again confirms that in my heart of hearts, I'm not a conservative. Although his conservatives of doubt are definitely useful to have a round and a potential bulwark against fundamentalism. I think he does a fairly good job of establishing how they differ from libretarians, although I'm not sure that they're sharply different from non-ideological libretarians.

Now reading: Nothing. I have to pick what to read next.

[Update: Links fixed. I blame firefox being weird about tabs today. Not sure what's up with it. Even so, I should have checked in preview.]
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