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Oh my God, globalization actually does cause all the world's problems. Lou Dobbs was right!

You know that impossible to open packaging that electronics come in these days. To remind you, here's a quote from a patent application describing their purpose:
"The backing and cover are preferably formed of a plastic . . . that is difficult to puncture, cut or tear," it reads. "The seal between the backing and cover is preferably difficult to compromise, so that human hands have great difficulty separating the backing and cover."

Well, according to the Washington Post apparently globalization is one of the key causes:
Manufacturers say molded packaging protects goods on the long journeyfrom Asia. Retailers say the heat-sealed edges keep shoppers from opening them in stores. And products certainly look picture-perfect inthat clear plastic bubble.

I really effing hate those things. I apparently am not alone.
The vitriol these packages inspire is so rampant the industry has a name for it: wrap rage...
This year, Consumer Reports magazine gave an award for the worstplastic clamshell packaging to a warehouse-store version of a Unidencordless phone set: It took 9 minutes 22 seconds to unwrap completelyand nearly caused injury to the person opening it. According to theConsumer Product Safety Commission, injuries from plastic packagingresulted in 6,400 visits to emergency rooms in 2004.

Happily, according to the article, the clamwraps are on their way out. Guess I can stay a free trader after all.
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