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After freaking out a little when getting home late last night, I managed to deal with a few concerns and am now settling in at work. I'm literally doing double duty for the next month, and this week will show if it's going to be as hard as I fear. Interestingly, taking twenty minutes to clean some dishes and move some stuff off my floor had a really salutory effect on my mood. (Although making sure some work was done before I got to work this morning probably had a bigger effect.)

On the way to work, I had a near disaster. I'd brought a couple tissue packs and had them sitting at the bottom of my pockets. As a result, my wallet was sitting near the top. That, combined with putting my legs up resulted in my wallet falling down to the seat. I try to check for wallet, keys, and cell when leaving anywhere, but it's not normally necesaary or easy in the bussle of leaving a Metro car during rush hour. Thankfully, another passenger (maybe an Aussie by accent/word choice) quickly pointed out that I'd left it. So, today, by default, is likely to be a very good day.
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