greg (grysar) wrote,

Talkin' about Pulp

So, while it was probably unwise of me to go to lilinthra game yesterday, it was a heck of a thing.

We were robbing a noble's house in Eberron campaign setting. Step around a corner and a bunch of warforged sitting in the dark at the far end of a hallway taking potshots at us. Pretty good set up. After covering the lights on our end we send two tanks rushing in to tangle up the five defenders in melee. And they rush down the hallway... and over the pit trap. One falls in, the other, Pulp (arterich's warforged) crawls his way out. Pulp goes about sundering weapons in the dark (he has blind fight) as we try to get the dwarf in full plate out of the pit (which also contains an ooze). We get a rope down, but she ended up failing a few climb rolls and getting paralyzed before she could do it. As the rounds passed we made another attempt, with one of the PCs tying a rope around his waist jumping down, only to also be paralyzed before he could grab her. (We didn't actually know about the paralyzing property and were just assuming that she'd gone inert from being out cold). I dispaired of saving her and apparently this whole arrangement made Pulp rather angry. So, he finally finishes off his first opponent to cheers from the other players. Then he takes out the other adversary on the ground with cleave and we're duly impressed.

Then he breaks out the great cleave, and despite their benefit of cover, cleaves through the archer one, archer two, and archer three.

How to follow up on this? By tying the rope around himself and jumping his adamantine ass down the pit (with four braced characters holding the other end of the rope). In two rounds he's got the dwarf and then manages, with help from above, to pull himself up out of the ooze. He climbs up and the cleric tries an orison out of desperation. The dwarf is stabalized. After gaining a hitpoint, she's at -8.

That was a session.
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