greg (grysar) wrote,

My response, Policy

My nature requires writing of policy before I can really write on this manner. Its who I am.

America is now at war, Unlike past wars it is of the weak against the strong. The hatred we face today is born of the legacy of colonialism, of a generation of developing world demagogue leaders who gave their countries squalor and civil war, and of religion twisted by fanaticism. Principally though it is of impotence, pathetic fools who lack the courage to be freedom fighters or the wisdom to take the peaceful track that unlike this lunacy has proven itself to work. Low-level terrorism will not end until the masses of these countries are given another option. The trouble is, regimes driven by theology, exclusive concern for the rulers, or kept up by oil proceeds aren't easy to reform, even if the full support of the west was mobilized. We should try however, human rights are not earned, they are entitled, ethical behavior can only be expected to emerge when people have choice.

That said, before you call me an appeaser, note the last paragraph referred to low-level terrorism.

Time for a burial of flowers, the rest of this to be posted after.
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