greg (grysar) wrote,

I have nightmares of a food poisoned Christmas

I seem to have developed a rather mild shrimp allergy. I split three dishes with my parents on Christmas eve including one greek shrimp and one jambalaya that was shrimp heavy. That night I went through a range of stomach discomforts and was ultimately visited by the ghost of meals past. Happily Baronness, who I've been cat-sitting, was quite non-chalant about the whole thing. So my Christmas found me fairly tired and with a faulty internal thermometer. I skipped going up to Kate's parents or hanging with her afterwards as I usually do. Happily I hadn't left anything to the last minute, for once, so my gifts were all ready. I got a lot of appartment ammenities and aside from a few pots and pans we'll be getting in Florida, have all the standard practical stuff strongly want. Well, I'd like a dishwasher, but that's not worth adding to an apartment that lacks one. From kamalloy I got a DS and FF3 which has been fun so far. It's also makes really effective use of 3d characters given the limitations of the systems. A feat that FF9 notably failed to accomplish. I don't know how much of that is new techniques available for FF3 versus just not pushing the limits like FF9 did. More on FF3 later, probably.
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