greg (grysar) wrote,


I've felt a little off for the past two days. I think my diet might be a bit off, so I'll get on fixing that. But not tonight, because parents are borrowing my car, so no grocery run tonight. Work has been busy but a bit dull. I'm closing out a project that was neglected when I was focused on a contract. Happily the wrap is going pretty well. Feeling good about my DnD campaign, finally got out affiliations data to the players, although I now think I'm erring towards overly hard encounters. Next session should balance things out some.

Anyhow, resolutions:

  1. Get something published or try with at least three seperate papers. (First one now in planning sessions, thanks to unreason, korgmeister, and capfox for offering to help with that).
  2. Start tracking my finances effectively. Probably with MS Money or Quicken.
  3. Get to China for the first time by the end of the year.
  4. Try a Chinese language class, probably at a community college.

I've got some ambitions relating to work, but I'm not that well positioned to do real planning in that regard. If I can do all four of those, I think this will be a pretty effective building year. I've no idea if I can actually get published this year, but it's damn well time I start putting a lot of effort into it. I'm in this for the glory, not the fortune, after all. (Although my visions of glory are likely somewhat deluded.)
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