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Policy (continued best if read in chronological order)

In referring to low-level terrorism I mean low intensity conflict and terrorist groups without a high level of organizations. These groups should be handled in a criminal justice manner, this becomes complicated if they operate between nations but even then the criminal justice paradigm fits. Groups which also do not directly target civilians are also different, these groups may rightfully call themselves rebels, freedom fighters, or guerrillas. They should be handled in a military means guided by proportionality.

In regards to groups willing, indeed eager to massacre civilians everything changes. These organizations will not be dissuaded by changes in behavior. Their essence is hatred, they do not love peace and are quite willing to sacrifice their sides well being to the glorious cause. If we totally capitulate, they will choose a new cause, or a new target, or simply become oppressors of the people they claim to serve.

Complete and utter military defeat is the only means of dealing with these organizations. Understanding of course, that new ones will arise so long as we have not dealt with the issues behind low-level terrorism. However, while we face the causes it is vital that we prevent an group willing to massacre to reach a high level of organization. Ideally these actions should be within international law. We are now pursuing new alliances on this matter, we should also establish, or include within the International Criminal Court, provisions to present proof that an organization has committed or is planning to commit such a massacre.

Once such proof is presented, the terrorist must be granted no safe harbor on earth or in the heavens. Any nation that gives them solace will suffer the fury of their once target. This does not mean a surgical scientific strike, or a further abrogation of human rights by the level of bombing necessary to root out such a group. The weapons used will be effective, not humane, but chosen to minimize civilian casualties. Any nation resisting these efforts as President Bush has said will be ended, and democracy will be given a chance to roost.

These shades of a hateful past must be eradicated, but we will do so on our terms.

Understand though, this will not be easy, and our military will take serious casualties, that is the cost of justice, rather than vengeance or submission. This Amos Oz op-ed and also a change of pace in a Thomas Friedman op-edI felt rather nicely gave guidance on the nature of this new war, and maintaining our humanity. It requires a NYTimes login but they're free so get one! Or IM me for mine
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