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Tranquility of Conquest

Tonight was lovely. I'm well on my way to establishing a reputation as honorable and vengeful ;p

With the assistance of tremendous luck I was positioned to dominate the world in Risk. Ross proved an admirable opponent, I look forward to facing him again. I also met two neat guys from the Go club, it seems to be a game I should learn.

Hanging out with Danielle and Emily afterwards was great, but that should go without saying.

Finally I made bruschetta, only half following the recipe and using my own ingredients! I'm not a cook yet, but that will have changed by the end of this year, perhaps even by the end of the semester. I doubt I'll ever reach chefdom, but the level of skill I seek will be within my grasp.

On one other happy note I also got a Capital Steps CD from Natalie, thanks again!

This tranquility won't last, but the past is mine, and I've gained another gem of time to treasure. :) Sleep well all.
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