greg (grysar) wrote,

Assorted news

Finally took my laptop into the shop. The shop tried a wide variety of fixes and came up with nothing. Looks like it's time to reinstall Windows. Whoo.

Had Jury duty on Monday. I didn't get selected, but that's because my number was high. They worked their way up sequentially and fairly few potential jurors were rejected. To my surprise the criminal public defender was not precluded from jury duty. Admittedly it was a civil case, but I'd always heard that people with a lot of knowledge of the legal system won't get in. Also the jury pool seemed excessive. ~35 people for a 6 person jury plus 1 alternate. The 35 count doesn't include anyone that didn't show up, I was counting bodies and not the called numbers. If you want to hear more, ask in comment.

Also, supposedly my bio will be up on the my work website sometime soon. I'll do a friends-only post when that happens.
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