greg (grysar) wrote,


The groups I reserve hatred for are those that would do evil in the name of the U.S.

Now understand this is from a militant ideologue, just one that happens to believe strongly in human rights and democracy. So there a likely a fair number out there who think I'm one to talk.

This particular emotion is provoked today by an ad by Leonard Peikoff pg. A31 of the Washington post, calling for the destruction of Iran and the inclusion of nuclear weapons as a viable option. 2nd to last line
"The choice today is mass death in the United States or mass death in the terrorist nations."

For those interested I could give the URL of the organization, its probably on their web site.

The subject line is weakness as that's how I view hatred, it is not an emotion that leads to true strength or rational decisions. Hopefully I'll be able to face this one soon.
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