greg (grysar) wrote,

Other observations from El Hazard

There was a bit in the opening theme of the first OVA that sounded incredibly familiar. Not the whole thing certainly, but a set of six notes or so. To be clear I mean the bit at around 1:15 although it repeats a few times. I actually got through watching 7 episodes or so but couldn't figure out what it was. It only came to me when I was leaving Kate's.

For my answer, click here [Addendum: This may be broken, check the one at the bottom if it doesn't work for you.]. I might not have remembered if it were it not for the fact that chamelaeon played in in Sanctuary that Friday.

Agree? Disagree? They may both be riffing from the same place even if I'm right.

(This is what I do when I go to sleep around 8 pm and then wake up around 3 am. :P)

[Addendum: And here's another link Go ahead and skip the first thirty seconds unless you like silly not at all hard sci fi. :P]
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