greg (grysar) wrote,

High quality map of bombings in Baghdad

Found by the CSIS's Post-Conflict Reconstruction blog. I did a quick analysis of it in the comments. I encourage people to reply over there since I'm trying to drum up some business for them. Anyhow...

The map is done by the BBC and does a month by month breakdown of incidents that kill more than 10 people. The quick version of my analysis is that, if the numbers are accurate, the number of high profile incidents rose while the number of low profile incidents dropped dramatically. That might just be that the Shia militias are standing down, I think the bombings are mostly blamed on the Sunni Insurgents. However, if a lot of the low-profile killings were done by Sunnis that makes the drop a bit more impressive.

Anyhow, I do want the surge to work, but I definitely stand by the view that we should pull out. If the surge manages to keep the monthly death toll down, Iraq war advocates will have a stronger case. However, the larger strategic picture still won't really be there. For me to change my mind, I'd want to see polling showing that a majority of Iraqis, including a reasonable number of Sunnis, want us there in a year.

Also, what the heck is this made in? Flash? If so I really need to master it. This app kicks ass and I should start doing this sort of thing to better promote my research.
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