greg (grysar) wrote,

Two great demagogues that go great together

"[Jack Thompson] goes on to mention September 11, accusing the New York City-based publisher of "spewing its pop culture sewage to the world's children" from near the former site of the World Trade Center. Calling depraved US pop culture a recruiting tool for extremists, Thompson asks, "What is America's rebuttal to the Islamic Fascist recruitment call? This counterclaim is the rebuttal, not just to these terrorists but to Take-Two."
Gamespot - Thompson countersues Take-Two

Looks like Thompson may have been reading Dinesh D'Souza's The Enemy at Home. Admittedly he seems to be blaming game makers and not liberals for 9/11, but the basic framework seems to be the same.

I mostly link this because there's a National Review Online conservative take down of D'Souza that people might enjoy. The short version of that is that even most hard right intellectuals seem to think Islamists (let alone Islamic terrorists) are way worse than liberals. Aww, thanks guys. :P

I don't tend to worry much about the sort of cross-fundamentalist alliance D'Souza calls for. Sure, such alliances are possible. Right-wing catholics and evangelicals tend to get along pretty well these days in America. Similarly some right wing evangelicals support hard-line Israelis (although hard line Israeli isn't a religious grouping). But look at Mitt Romney. He's having trouble on the right because he's a Mormon. There's still debates about whether Mormons are Christians. So while I find the trashing of D'Souza reassuring, I'm not that surprised.
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