greg (grysar) wrote,

Guitar Hero

Last Friday I took my first shot at doing Guitar Hero on medium. Although, kamalloy is still definitely better than me (she consistently has higher notes hit percentage) at least when we play at the same level. It was fun, although I've found that my pinky doesn't tend to be that useful, instead I just slide my hand up and down when I need to hit the blue buttons. I think as a lefty there are actually some advantages to using the guitar like a righty does. Much of the complexity comes from handling the frets and I've got my more dexterous hand on the job.

First big perk of medium: buying a Freezepop song. I'd only heard of them because of lilinthra but even so I like the group.

At some point I'll get my own copy of the game so I don't only play on kamalloy's equipment. For now I'm going to be cheap though.

If I get good enough at Guitar Hero I may also try out DDR again. I really suck at that game because my rhythm is awful.
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