greg (grysar) wrote,

Foreign Service Exam Report

I took the foreign service exam in the hotel where Katsucon '01 took place! It was a nice moral boost, and my viewing of Japanese anime qualified as an interest in international culture :).

I spent the night at home, my Mom woke me up, drove me down for the 8 am start. The test had four disparate sections.

  1. Knowledge, trivia on American culture and government, geography, management, public speaking. Given what I knew, and could derive, AI think I got 85%-95%
  2. 1 hour essay question. I went double or nothing by picking a question on military policy made obsolete by September 11, my essay was analytical and risky, I'm a bit uneasy about it, but if it works, it should definitely carry me over.
  3. Biographical information, I am now sick of answering questions about myself
  4. English grammar and style, I aced, at most a few wrong, nicely there were 4 writing samples to be corrected and I could look to safe portions of the samples to verify my answers. Test taking 201 :p.

I hope i did well enough to be in the top fourth to go on to the oral exam, I am at a disadvantage because I'm functionally monolingual. Furthermore, Mom didn't at my age and she's bright and a much more studious person than I. But, I used the power of the Katsucon stairs, running up to the 13th floor (well trotting, not really running) then riding the glass elevator back down. If that doesn't do it, it just wasn't met to be this time, in which case I'll deal and try again later, cept I'll study more, really I will :).
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