greg (grysar) wrote,

Rallying to my banner

I finally have managed to hang the Tango-no-sekku (Boy's Day) banner that reene and bannoubunkacoby brought back for me from Japan. It only took, what, four years? The thing is really tall, so it covers one of my walls plus the length of my ceiling. I was initially planning to hang it on both walls and the ceiling, but it turned out that the Samurai stomping on a demon was tall enough that he'd be bending over if I did it that way. I need to get a digital camera with my next cell phone so I can show pictures of this kind of thing.

Anyways, with that done, I can now begin house-warming party plans. Just a little late at about six months into my current apartment. I'm not really sure how to do this since I don't actually have that much room. Also don't know if I'll try for something late in April or wait until I'm back from Montreal in May.

I figure I may do three events. One open house for family, friends of family, and landlords (I figure they're curious). One work party. And one more friends oriented one. At some point I'll have more topical oriented parties (show a movie or that sort of thing). For that I'll intermix my work and friend crowds more. But for now this should work.

Any suggestions are welcome in comments.
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