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Work was frustrating today. There were serious network problems that, in combination with some Windows updates, left my computer largely worthless. I got a few things done but spent much of the day reading the paper.

Happily I've got the assignments for this week done. There's a few things for next week, but I think I may be able to get them done tonight and tomorrow. So next week I might be able to focus some on my regular job or at least not have to pull all nighters for the side job.

So, with work mostly done I'm going guilt-free to NYC this weekend and then Montreal for an longer trip around next weekend. Should be a nice change of pace.

Recent amusements:

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh the abridged series. Good parody. I don't always enjoy longer parodies/satires. I think this one really pulls it off because it has good voices and interesting characters/plot (admittedly stolen from Yu-gi-oh). Parody/satire without those elements can work in short sketches but can't really go the distance in my view.

  2. Been reading the radical feminist blog I Blame the Patriarchy. I don't tend to go for radical politics of any sort, but I followed a blog link to it and had fun skimming and familiarizing myself with the ideology in question. I'm bored with the blog at this point, but I am rather impressed by some of its comment threads. There were fun ones on feminist sci-fi books and a radical feminist theory book called the Dialectic of Sex (key quote: Seize the means of reproduction!). To avoid any confusion between radical and mainstream feminist thought, let me recommend Salon's broadsheet for a more mainstream view (and one I tend to agree with).
  3. Read the first five volumes of Fables. Summary: Fairytale characters fled their conquered homelands and settled in New York back when it was New Amsterdam. I'm putting that on hold so kamalloy can catch up. That seems only right as I'm reading her books. :P

  4. Reading Privilege of the Sword and greatly enjoying it.
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