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Paying off a defect

The most valuable lesson of my trip to Montreal: I've finally learned to effing shave.

While over at capfox I used a bit too much shaving cream (to his and kamalloy's) amusement. I tend to make a bit more of a mess because I'm paranoid about shaving. I'm paranoid about shaving because I was really bad at it and tend to have a terrible shave and/or several nicks.

So, on hearing my explanation capfox passed on a piece of advice he had gotten from bannoubunkacoby. Namely, don't press when you shave, just shave the same are repeatedly.

That has done the trick. It took a bit of work In the areas where I had more fuzz it's hard to move the razor at all without pressing. However, the end result was a much closer shave and no nicks.

I assume many people knew this already, but it does make me annoyed at razor commercials which show people using the razor in ways that don't work for me at all. Anyhow, this actually makes my life a bit easier. If I needed a close shave, my general technique was to just do it enough hours before an event that I had time to heal. Nicks don't really hurt, but actively bleeding tends to undercut a professional appearance.
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