greg (grysar) wrote,

First, Senate Dems are considering a no-confidence vote on Gonzales. Good call. If we can get it in the 2/3s number impeachment becomes a definite option.

Happily, in addition to his complicity in war crimes, the firing of U.S. attorneys, and his general mendacity, we've also got him in a lie about the hospital visit:

The Justice Department said yesterday that it will not retract a sworn statement in 2006 by Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzalesthat the Terrorist Surveillance Program had aroused no controversy inside the Bush administration, despite congressional testimony Tuesday that senior departmental officials nearly resigned in 2004 to protest such a program.

Considering the fact that he personally was the enforcer trying to suppress the controversy and that there were a lot of witnesses, that seems like a solid perjury case. The chance to take another wack at the Bush administrations domestic spying is bonus. As Kevin Drum and Balkinization noted, just imagine how bad the original program was if John Ashcroft was willing to resign over it.

Balkinization has a nice take down of of a Washington Post op-ed that tries to minimize Gonzales sickbed strong-arming.
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