greg (grysar) wrote,

I'm planning to run a BESM 3 game at Sandwich Con

I sent an email a couple of days ago to shachi but haven't heard back yet, so I figured I'd just post in my LJ. I figure I'll wait to post in the con LJ until I get an official nod by one of the organizers.

Basic setup will be medium-hard sci-fi. A crew of volunteers is sent to investigate a non-responsive space colony after contact is lost with the initial police investigation. Links between the PCs are encouraged but not required. I find OSTs tend to go a bit better if there's a few existing character dynamics. No aliens. No mystical powers. I'll give a CP guideline soon.

I figure I'll take up to six players. I'll probably want at least three to make running worthwhile. Drop a comment if you're interested.

Besm 3 book is not required, but I'd like character prep to be done pre-con, so you'll need access to someone who can help you with that.
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