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I swoon over David Brin! Swoon, swoon, swoon, to use the manner of the books gracious and beautiful lender.

Two thoughts fairly unrelated to the book, but that arose in my mind while/after reading. Two is the more fun one so I describe it in greater detail.

1. Update John Locke, drop/expand the agrarianism, non exploitation is what fundamentally drives work and innovation, with more advanced societies giving greater rewards, does this work? Lead to any new economic, political models?

2. Responsive storytelling.
Some look to the net or games for interactive fiction, but to a certain degree this is hooey. Interactive fiction can work occasionally but it requires far to much to be commonplace w/o advances in AI writing. What is more realistic is the idea of computers or E-books providing a responsive story teller. Imagine reading a story, that can tell what parts interest you and provides greater detail on them. Consider the possibility of writing that adjusts itself to your level, providing subtly to the astute reader and ample clues to those wishing to be lead. Technical explanations at your level of expertise, skipping over what you already know.
Perhaps this seems a horrifying concept, but remember, I seek responsive storytelling, not responsive literature. Imagine a bard in a tavern, telling the same story at every stop along the road but adjusting for the audience. Perhaps this is a mining town so the down to earth laborer among the protagonists. Or indeed, quite the opposite, knowing the audience the bard can emphasize the unfamiliar, and see their avatar from an outsiders perspective.
Technically feedback that doesnt interrupt the story will prove primitive, but hardly impossible, or even difficult. The harder part will be the writer willing to put in copious amounts, know the reader, if they only review the work once, may only see 40% of it. However, this is a far more freeform media, and in easing precisely controlled nature of a book or film perhaps the required time would not jump dramatically.

Just an idea, a gift to any that would develop it further, though I would happily throw more details his or her way. Sadly Im not one known for free time or storytelling ability, so I cant take it much further.
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