greg (grysar) wrote,

Hostage negotiation.

So, it turns out when I authorized a Best Buy repair of my laptop, the voice on the phone said nine four eight and not ninety four eighty. I repeated back ninety four eighty and the mistake was also made on the other end.

So, a three year old laptop isn't worth that repair. I had all my data backed up. The repair in question could have been done at a different shop for $200, albeit without replacing the motherboard which is apparently how Best Buy handled it.

So, I can simply forfeit the laptop. Trouble is, I want the data cleared. Identity theft and what not. Trouble is, the Best Buy central office apparently has a standing policy to play hardball. All or nothing, no compromises.

I've cleared by my boss that since I was pretty good about keeping any confidential stuff on my USB drive, things should be fine. Although since my laptop hadn't run out of power prior to my taking it in for repair, I didn't have a chance to do a paranoid double check.

Anyone know of any laws or the like I can use to my advantage here. I can accept not getting back the laptop. I should have made damn sure that I knew the price before I agreed to it. However, I'd prefer not to give up my data to a company that may just have a grudge against me.

Obviously I'm going to have to find and read carefully my copy of the contract. But until I do that, any advice?
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