greg (grysar) wrote,

Weekend fun

I went to the Harry Potter event in Silver Spring and saw Order of the Phoenix. I'd actually been hoping they'd do up the area a bit more, but it did at least have lots of fans, many in good outfits. I greatly enjoyed the fifth movie. The new characters were very well acted and it actually had pacing. I don't remember the fifth book well enough to say whether I'm disappointed by anything they took out.

Saturday I went up to Baltimore and went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant on Charles with lampbane, lilinthra, and kamalloy among others. It was a good time, and while I lament not making it to an anime con this year, the dinner made up for it some. The crowd was a lot of fun and had good stories. kamalloy and I also did the standard con people watching. I was amused to see some Phoenix Wright universe cosplayers (one had a sign that said objection!). Also saw Nic and ryhned while going for ice cream in the inner harbor. I'm probably going to actually do Otakon next year.

Not that much of note today. After picking up Harry Potter Saturday afternoon at a Target (should have pre-ordered but I procrastinated) I've not had that much time to read it (Nothing approaching spoilers follows). So far I'm on page 150 or so and enjoying it a lot. On lilinthra's question, I haven't noted a lot of typos or anything. Main pleasant surprise was the amount of humor and snark, I'd forgotten how much J. K. Rowling puts into the books. I'm trying to pace myself a bit, both because I've got a mild headache and I want to savor it. On the other hand, I am paranoid about spoilers, so I'm not going to go that slow.

Otherwise, not too much of note. At work I was managing the findings at two all day meetings last week. They were attended by various captains of Space Industry, so that was interesting at least. Although one all day meeting in a row tends to be more than enough for my tastes.
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