greg (grysar) wrote,

Villains, real, imaginary, and microscopic

I'd been talking with Omar and something he said reassure me about the prospects of biological warfare.

Now, first off, we are kicking anthrax butt at the moment. One death is sad, but considering this is a multi point attack with a deadly microbe it shows that we've been successful. Yeah, people are afraid, but we're Americans, we'll get over it, heck the Senate has the strength to stay in session even when the House is off whimpering.

Omar had said, yeah, we're winning, but what if they hit us with something worse. Which is initially worrisome, until we thought about it. I personally think this is the best they've got, but lets think about the alternative. Steadily ratcheting up chem/bio attacks against us, does that sound like a page out of anyone's playbook? Yes it does, stupid fictional villains!

We all know the plot line, for example Evil Anime villain has to deal with newly arrived heroes, typically from some region of Japan. Villain gets one successful hit in, typically a mentor killing one, but then sends weak henchmen followed by monsters/lackeys of steadily increasing quality. Trouble is, our heroes get stronger with each fight. Til they get strong enough to take out the villain in the last few episodes.

So, we have two basic alternatives
1. This is the best they've got
2. They're stuuppid
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