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Paying picketers poll

The Washington Post had an article on Outsourcing the Picket Line. Essentially a local Carpenter's Union is paying homeless people to do some of their picketing for them.

So, what do you people think of it?

Poll #1027422 PIcketing Poll

Is paying people to picket wrong?

No, it should be done more often.
No, but it may be a bad idea.
I don't like it but I'm not going to condemn it.
Yup, it's worthy of condemnation.

On the one hand, this is kinda sketchy. The Maryland Republican party has been known to Bus homeless guys from Baltimore down to Prince George's county and use them as electioneer. That annoyed me at the time. On the other hand, it's capitalism. This is a political battle, but it's also a business battle. Corporations can hire scabs off the street why shouldn't unions hire homeless guys. They didn't advertise the fact but they also weren't actively telling lies. Strictly speaking, this isn't that different from hiring lobbyists, it just means you're spending your money on quantities rather than skill.

That said, when this group protested nearby, I have heard a few complaints about catcalls to passing women. I didn't witness it myself, but it seconds accounts in the articles. That's not cool. It's the responsibility of protest organizers to keep their people in line, as it were.

So ultimately, I'm alright with it. I think there are laws in Maryland restricting the reimbursement of electioneers, but I think that's more an attempt to ward off vote buying.

[Addendum: I was ultimately persuaded to switch my vote to the no side. That was kinda fun. I may play around more with poll entries in the future.]
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