greg (grysar) wrote,

Why crabs don't escape

I occasionally read Cary Tennis's advice column in Salon mostly because it gets weird questions. Today's involves a woman weirded out that another woman is attending a bachelor's party her husband is attended.

But then I found out that, actually, one woman is attending the [Bachelor's] party. She's single and unfortunately not gay; she's very straight, a boy-crazy type. She's the groom-to-be's best friend. I love when men have female best friends, but the notion of her watching my husband at a bachelor party creeps me out. I know she'll be enjoying the exclusivity, and it seems like another kind of sexism: Wives are too dorky to attend; typical women can't "hang" with guys viewing naked women.

Am I crazy to think she's going to be putting the wives and girlfriends of these guys down while she watches them watch strippers?Listen, if she were doing the stripping, I'd be fine with that too. But I think it is more of an "I'm cooler than all other women" type of position. I've had guy friends all my life, but I never relished "being one of the boys" or their being somehow "My Boys." (There is a nauseating show titled this. Ugh.) It seems so unnecessarily anti-woman. Thoughts?

Man... the horror. A woman at a bachelor's party that wasn't in a clearly servile position. What could be more anti-woman?
Tags: feminism
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