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Career Meme

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top umpty results.
5. Bold the ones you've done, and italicize the ones you've considered. Strikethrough those you strongly dislike.

After doing the first set of questions my results weren't that great. Throwing in the skills, the grades in (), and education level helped some. However at that point "10. Parole Officer (A)" looked strongest. Doing an extra set of interests improved things dramatically. Finishing off the interests didn't change the results. I must say, this is the best career test I've ever taken.

1. Economist (B)
2. Television and Radio Reporter (B) [Could be cool]
3. Business Systems Analyst (B)
4. Public Policy Analyst (A) [What I do]
5. Librarian (B) [What my Mom did. Sorry librarians, I know you're sick of hearing that]

6. Computer Network Specialist (B)
7. Technical Writer (B)
8. Curator (C)
9. Print Journalist (B) [Probably the closest there is to blogging.]
10. Computer Support Person (C)
11. Mediator (B) [I do like negotiating]
12. GIS Specialist (C) [I do need to learn ARC-GIS at some point]
13. Politician (B) [I'm ambitious]
14. Political Aide (B)
15. Actuary (A)
16. Market Research Analyst (A) [Good way to make money]
17. Criminologist (B)
18. Historian (C)
19. Economic Development Officer (A)
20. Researcher (B)
21. Management Consultant (A)
22. Anthropologist (B)
23. Web Developer (C)
24. Database Developer (B) [It's true, I'm better at databases than web design]
25. Actor (A)
26. Operations Research Analyst (B)
27. Planner (B)
28. Archivist (C)
29. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (B)
30. Research Analyst (Financial) (B)
31. Announcer (A)
32. Customs Broker (B)
33. Project Manager (B)
34. Comedian (B)
35. Communications Specialist (B)
36. Activist (A) [I've certainly volunteered enough]
37. Computer Engineer (B)
38. Epidemiologist (C)
39. Certified Public Accountant (B)
40. Logistics Specialist (B)
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