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Character Question Meme

Pulled from millenia and rowyn2001

Original Character meme
1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Tag three people? Nah, this is just for my personal fun.

Jinx: Cowboy from a native tribe. Has both good and bad luck in extreme.
Haruko: [Tokyo schoolgirl, mechanic extrordinaire, and water mage.]
Theo: Steampunk era entrepreneur/adventurer. Could be a captain Planet villain.
Blayne: Gnome spell battery and priestess of Loki.
Alrex: Curmudgeon and psion.

I'm going with [five] characters. When a character didn't have anything interesting to say on the topic I skipped 'em.

Boy or girl?
Jinx: Man.
Haruko: Girl.
Theo: Male.
Blayne: Female.
Alrex: Male.

How old are you?

Jinx: Late 20s. Don't know exactly.
Haruko: Just turned 18 and got my full license. Happy birthday to me!
Alrex: Old enough that my mind is more dangerous.

What's your height?

Blayne: Three foot six. A great height for a gnome. If only my sister wasn't bigger.

Are you a virgin?
Jinx: Nope. Not that I got any action on my campaign. ::grumbles::
Haruko: Err... well, no. Which is good because I'll be dead in a day the prospects aren't looking great. Norishige where are you?
Theo: That's a rather personal question. But no, I haven't had time to find a potential wife.
Blayne: No.
Alrex: Nope. That would have been a lot of wasted decades.

Do you have any kids?
Jinx: No. I think. What have you heard?
Haruko: I'm a bit young for that.
Theo: I intend to have a few to carry on the family business. After I'm married.
Blayne: That's a terrifying prospect.
Alrex: :;glares:: Yes. But she's disowned me.

What's your favourite food?
Jinx: Chili.
Haruko: Noodles. Also I do try to stay away from jello.
Blayne: Heroes' feast. Good struff.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? (Nothing interesting comes to mind)

Have you killed anyone?
Jinx: To many to keep track of.
Haruko: I'm responsible for some deaths. I almost killed someone myself by being a fool.
Theo: I've avoided it thus far. I expect it may someday be necessary. (I could be remembering wrong)
Blayne: Yup! And I do like to track the number of kobolds I've killed. There's a lot but the tracking is fun.
Alrex: I adventure for a living.

Do you hate anyone?
Jinx: Naw. I find it's simpler to just shoot them.
Haruko: Yes, to my shame. I've risen above hating my party members though.
Theo: Hatred is irrational. Wait, no.. Miya. I'll feel better once I have my gun back though.
Blayne: Lots of people. Some of them are dead, but not dead enough.
Alrex: I've hated people. I'm getting a bit old for that though.

Have any secrets?
Jinx: A few. The past doesn't tend to stay buried though. Sometimes literally.
Haruko: I'm terrible at keeping secrets.
Theo: Not really. That said, I am discrete.
Blayne: Fewer than I'd like.
Alrex: No secrets, just stuff that's just none of your damn business.

Do you love anyone?
Jinx: No. I'd like to feel family bonds with my sister, but she hates me. I'll probably have to kill her.
Haruko: My bike! And.. err.. my parents.
Theo: My family.
Blayne: Ha! No. Well... I am fond of my familiar.
Alrex: Yes, but they're both unreachable. One magically, one emotionally.

What is your job?
Jinx: Mercenary.
Haruko: Mechanic and gang member! Sorry Satoshi.
Theo: Entrepreneur.
Blayne: Looking after myself.
Alrex: Wizard, really. Bah, that never really fooled anyone.

Any powers or weapons?
Jinx: Shotgun.
Haruko: I use a tire iron. Also I can do a lot of things with water.
Theo: Pistol. I can also walk on anything.
Blayne: I like daggers. Spells, doesn't matter what type. A lot of buffs. My favorite trick, collosol scorpion that can ignore wounds. Oh and sharing dragon breath with my familiar.
Alrex: I demonstrate the power of mind over matter... and over everything else.

What do you do to relax?
Jinx: Gamble.
Haruko: Used to joyride, now I've got my own bike.
Theo: Why would I need to relax?
Blayne: Indulge in luxury.
Alrex: Nap.

What do you think your life expectancy is?
Jinx: Surprisingly good until fate is done with me. I don't expect to see 40.
Haruko: Tomorrow.
Theo: I hope to die in bed in my seventies or eighties.
Blayne: Good, not counting resurrections. After the plane went to hell I went elsewhere.
Alrex: I've got a few decades left.

What is your opinion of the opposite sex?

Jinx: They can be be frustrating.

Haruko: They make great pets.
Theo: Women can be just as capable at business as men. And that's all that matters.
Blayne: Men tend to bore me. More fun to screw with someone than to screw them. Same with women.
Alrex: I like 'em.

Now what are you going to do?
Jinx: Try to hook up with one of the villains.
Haruko: Die saving the world.
Theo: The same thing I always do. Make money.
Blayne: Wander the planes until I can get vengeance.
Alrex: Probably retire for a bit and try again on my family.

What is something you would never say?
Jinx: This plan is foolproof.
Haruko: Engineering is hard!
Theo: There's more to life than money.
Blayne: I trust you completely.
Alrex: I'm sorry. I sometimes get stuck in my old ways.

Other characters available upon request.

[Update: Added Haruko's description and fixed the number of characters]
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