greg (grysar) wrote,

Break Through Novel Contest: Waiting for My Happily Ever After (Double post with my blog)

(This item is dual posted with my blog)

A friend of mine, Andrew Schneider, has gotten into the semi-finals of Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel contest. Sensibly enough, the way to get to later stages is to get read and get reviewed.

So here’s the link to the sample of his story: Waiting for My Happily Ever After (Note the prologue is in the first review)

And the blurb:

Waiting for My Happily Ever After finds classic fairy-tale characters trying to adjust to the modern world. Set in Washington D.C.-- amid lobbyists, immigration hassles, bureaucratic red tape, and exploitative authors in search of their next big break-- Sleeping Beauty and Lancelot knock out skim lattes and rehash the glory days. Sleeping Beauty, our chain-smoking heroine stuck in her mid-twenties since the Dark Ages, is having an identity crisis. Is she more than just a pretty face? Complicating matters is the return of her estranged husband Prince Charming, her crush on Lancelot, and some unofficial attention from Hank, her immigration officer at the Department of Homeland Security. And then her friends start disappearing. What’s a girl to do?

I will be posting my review later today. Anyways reviews are definitely encouraged as is passing on the link.

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