greg (grysar) wrote,

SandwichCon: I'm thinking of putting a poll up to let players pick my game

Hey Oligarchs and others. I'm thinking of running a game again this year assuming that's okay and ND doesn't kill me or the like.

So, system Besm 3e. I've got some fine tuned simpler benchmarks but I'll worry with that later.

Here's the three choices I'm thinking of offering.
1) Oh My Goddess: WTF BBQ. At the annual Goddess Helpline picnic the news leaks that Microsoft has made a hostile takeover bid. Consequences ensue. Play as divinity or demons but the conflict will be more silly than life threatening.
2) Read or Die: The Tabletop. Play as a specialized paper master, a mercenary, or powers based on a historical figure.
3) Fistful of Plutonium. Western/Steampunk/Post-apocalyptic. Crew of adventures with tech or mutant powers go looking for an international arms dealer's suitcase full of plutonium. Intra-party combat allowed, but each character will have a different clue so if you kill each other off too early you may fail the treasure hunt.
[3) Ocean's 3-6 PCs. Post-apocalyptic/steampunk/heist. The biggest score in a post-apocalyptic Los Vegas is in the supposedly impossible to rob vault of the mob run Japanese themed Takeshi's Casino. Player's should have a generally useful powerset and as well as a specific ability and plan to overcome one of the "impentrable" protections on the vault. This will also involve said player coming up with a few details about the nature of said protection. I'll combine all the protections and throw in a few twists. Secondary agendas are allowed, but this is meant to be a team effort, so there may be some backstabbing but get in an outright PvP battle and you'll both get caught.]

So, I'll throw that up on the SCon community if there's no problems.
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