greg (grysar) wrote,

Addictions and other pleasures

I picked a bad time to get Civ 3, it's quite addictive and while I still have time to work, it's time i'd normally spend dawdling ineffectual, not when I'm productive.

I'm fairly pleased with the game, though its a shame they released it a month earlier, Civ 2 was more polished when it came out. In addition their habit of releasing games w/o multi player is getting rather annoying. Oh, well, here's hoping for a patch.

I'm slowly trying to renew regular contact w/ HS friends (other than Omar of course), I miss them and don't talk to them nearly enough. I have not particularly unique trouble keeping up with people though I can never quite figure out why. It might just be a time thing but I'm not always much better over the summer.

Last night I saw Amalie, which was terrific and i recommend it. Wandering around the mall for a bit was fun, as was Borders. I got a neat Economist gift from Reene and gave a kitchen torch to Danielle then and there at Moti's helpful prompting. Much fun was had, we split every flavor bean (including realistic sardine) and while looking around for book I got to eavesdrop on a scifi book conversation that i didn't feel qualified to participate in. I need to find more time to read so i can check out some of the series, happily i never lack for advice or even loaner books, just time.
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